About us

HeliPoland.com provides the use of helicopters and provides their support in many different ways. We are focused on training of helicopter pilots, sale, rent and ensuring the highest quality of maintenance of these machines.

Helicopter hire – HeliPoland.com offers helicopter hire with various types available, ranging from small double seat training machines through the VIP helicopters designed for air-taxi services,  sightseeing flights and events with the use of a helicopter to machines designed to perform all sorts of aerial work.

Helicopter pilot flight training – in HeliPoland.com experienced and dedicated instructors use the optimized training programs to ensure a pleasant combination of learning to fly with aviation professionalism. We offer flight training ranges from private pilot to the level of training with a variety of different kinds of endorsements.

Helicopter sale – HeliPoland.com offers sale of helicopters both new and used. We specialize in sales of Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Robinson R66 helicopters, but we also have experience based on other types of helicopters, for example Bell, Eurocopter. Our network of associates gives access to purchase and import many types of helicopters from around the world, tailored to your practical or financial needs and possibilities.

Helicopter maintenance and airworthiness – HeliPoland.com can optimize the operating costs of the helicopter while maintaining a perfect technical condition of the equipment entrusted to us.

HeliPoland.com also offers the use of aircraft for hire. We are pleased to advise what type of aircraft would best complement the capabilities that certain helicopter type can give you and to help You in its configuration. Often the best solution is combined transport with helicopter and an airplane.