Aerial survey

Aerial survey is a useful means of collecting data, photos, footage and other information which can not be achieved easily from the ground. From animal surveys, power-line inspections, tree counts, environmental damage and various others, has all you need to achieve these aerial tasks. The speed and efficiency of collecting data from helicopter is often unmatched by other means.

We offer aerial survey services to operators of power and gas transmission and distribution systems.

  • patrol and diagnostics of power lines
  • survey, thermo-vision
  • examination of corona discharge
  • laser scanning to mark the line routes
  • development and upgrade of the geographic information systems (GIS)
  • support of commissioning of overhauls (painting, repairs)
  • supporting construction of new electricity lines
  • assisting live line maintenance
  • “emergency” services
  • line patrols and surveillance of the transmission infrastructure facilities
  • photo and video documenting
  • development of airborne leakage detection systems