Kurs bezpieczeństwa Helipoland RHC

Robinson Helicopter Safety Course with RHC experimental pilots and Helipoland instructors and students in Bukowina Tatrzańska, 2017

The most experienced pilots in the country, both in terms of time (over 40 years of practice) and time spent in the air (thousands of flight hours).
Performing aerial operations and training on many different types of helicopters, dedicated to various types of missions.
14 different programs for licenses and ratings, including ratings for 7 different types of helicopters.
Cooperation with over a dozen instructors from Poland and abroad, with experience in various types of aerial operations using many types of helicopters.
A minimum of a dozen or so students annually completing training on helicopters for licenses and ratings.
A network of operational, technical and commercial contacts in Poland and around the world, improving the speed of operation and problem solving.