The technical efficiency of aircraft consists of ongoing inspections carried out by pilots flying, technical support carried out by the Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) and airworthiness related documentation maintained by the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO). provides helicopter service based on the PART 145 certificate. Caring for you and your machine is our priority. The highest quality standards in technical service are necessary to keep you in the air. At the same time, we offer competitive prices for technical support services. Technical maintenance of helicopters for their long-term impeccability in technical terms is simple – the quality of helicopter maintenance must be maintained. We invite you to talk to our experienced technical team, who will explain how our technical and personnel resources will provide an economically efficient helicopter service on a full-time basis. In terms of technical services, we provide access to the customer or pilot for safe ferrying the helicopter to the headquarters of our service and back. If necessary, we offer substitute help to our helicopter.

In accordance with the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2042/2003 of 20 November 2003 issued on the basis of European Union regulations by EASA, each owner / operator of an aircraft is required to maintain its continuing airworthiness.

The competences of CAMO include among others: Continuing airworthiness (CAMO), creating and updating Technical Service Programs (POT), developing and approving Flight and Control Flight Programs (PLPK), supervising and commissioning repairs, overhauls and any unplanned activities service, supervision and analysis of airworthiness directives (AD), service documentation (SB / SL / SI) and security bulletins (SAIB), monitoring components with limited service life and requiring periodic repairs, creating and developing a minimum equipment list (MEL), organizing approvals of any modification (STC), Issue and extension of airworthiness review certificate (ARC). Entrusting the management of your aircraft means that CAMO assumes responsibility for maintaining the highest safety standards and completing all formalities related to the operation of the aircraft.

The scope of helicopter maintenance activities set by the manufacturer includes works related to inspections after hours flown (eg after 50, 100 hours) as well as calendar reviews (eg after 4, 12 months) – whichever comes first.

In order to create conditions for the correct operation of the purchased helicopter, based on the manufacturer’s standards and requirements as well as current aviation regulations, our company provides professional technical service during all maintenance activities and any work both during the period of limited warranty granted by the manufacturer, and after expiration. We provide helicopters with helicopter mechanics with many years of experience, trained additionally in the factory of the manufacturer, e.g. Robinson Helicopter Company in Los Angeles. Please be advised that we have an adequate supply of original spare parts, which can be replaced if necessary, and we cooperate with a number of world-renowned aviation companies that are always helpful in special cases. In necessary cases, appropriate original parts are imported directly to the manufacturer.