Bell 429

Bell 429 is the latest construction of Bell Helicopter and at the same time, the most modern light, twin-engine helicopter in the world. In this model, the latest technologies and design solutions have been implemented, among others, for construction of the main components, composite materials have been used on an unprecedented scale. Its power plant consists of two Pratt & Whitney PW207D1 engines.

The helicopter has been SPIFR and DPIFR certified, it has also “A” performance category according to the requirements of JAR-OPS 3, which significantly widens its range of applications. In the passenger version, it can carry eight passengers; its spacious cabin allows for various configurations. Model 429 has also evoked significant interest of medical and public order services.

The Bell 429 delivers 150 knot (278 km/h) speed with a state-of-the-art cockpit featuring single pilot IFR and WAAS precision approach capabilities.  Its interior is exceptionally spacious with seating for up to seven passengers plus a pilot and can be reconfigured for any number of different missions.

The Bell 429 also features extra-large 60 inch (152 cm) side doors opening to a 130 cubic foot (3.7 cubic meter) cabin compartment, or 204 cubic foot (5.8 cubic meter) when including the aft cabin area. In addition to offering outstanding product features, the Bell 429 is backed by Bell Helicopter’s renowned in-service support, voted #1 by our customers for twenty years running.  If your mission requires a helicopter with exceptional speed, capacity and flexibility, the Bell 429 is the helicopter you can count on to get the job done.