Bell 407 GXP

Bell 407 GXP is the only helicopter equipped with the Garmin G1000HTM avionics system, which makes it the most advanced light single-engine helicopter on the market. The glass cockpit provides the crew with basic flight information, enhances their situational awareness, operational capabilities and increases safety.

This model is a derivative of the 206L series helicopters, combining years of experience in their use and reliability with modern technological solutions, tested also in battlefield conditions.

As a result of the use of tuned-up Rolls-Royce 250-C47B engine with the FADEC automatic start-up system and introduction of composite materials to the structure of the four-blade main rotor, and enlargement of the passenger cabin, a helicopter was designed which combines excellent performance with flight comfort and safety. Bell 407 GXP in its passenger version can carry six passengers. The spacious cabin enables various configurations so this model has gained popularity also in law enforcement aviation, medical rescue services, etc. Last year, Bell Helicopter delivered the 1000th specimen of its helicopter to the market.

Bell 407 GXP table