R44 Raven I / Clipper I

Robinson’s R44 Raven I / Clipper I Series Helicopters provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for private, business, and utility applications.

Equipped with a Lycoming O-540 carbureted engine, the R44 Raven I offers a balance between performance and affordability. Raven I features carburetor heat assist that enhances safety and reduces pilot workload by automatically adjusting carburetor heat in response to power changes by the pilot.




  • Since 1999, the R44 has continuously been the best-selling helicopter in the world
  • Over 6,000 helicopters sold in 2000-2018 make the R44 the most popular aircraft of the 21st century
  • About 70 registered R44 helicopters in the Polish register make it the most popular also on our market.


Clippers are R44s equipped with floats providing an additional level of safety over-water


Available on either the Clipper I or Clipper II, fixed utility floats remain fully inflated for continuous over-water operations. Fixed floats add approximately fifty pounds to the aircraft’s empty weight and reduce the aircraft’s cruise speed by approximately ten knots.