Aerial works

The speed and responsiveness of data collection using a helicopter is extraordinary. Thanks to Helipoland, you can quickly and effectively inspect area or infrastructure, no matter how extensive your measurements are. These can be planned, preventive, and emergency inspections as well as all types of missions, including rescue.

What will you gain thanks to service flights?

With the help of a helicopter, you can collect data on the properties of housing estate or industry, about wild animals and valuable nature, you can perform agrotechnical operations, estimate environmental damage, inspect power or gas lines and many more. We adapt to the individual requirements of network operators or companies in need of a helicopter in the role of an air platform for their equipment, which we will help in to configure and we will mount the equipment for the helicopter.

Which helicopters do service flights?

These can be both the most economical Robinson R44 piston engine helicopters, as well as single-turbine helicopters, like R 66 or heavier Eurocopter AS 350 (Airbus H 125) and twin-engine helicopters, like Eurocopter AS 355, capable of carrying large amounts of equipment and cargo together with more than one operator on board. Each helicopter has individual features that predispose to a specific type of task, the most versatile is AS350 (H 125).

What air services do we offer?

  • patrolling and diagnostics of power lines (visual and thermal imaging, laser scanning and scanning of line routes, study of the “KORONA” phenomenon), support for the construction of new power lines, inspection flights with inspectors on board (planned, preventive, alarm)
  • construction and updating of spatial information systems (GIS)
  • providing rescue or rescue services (visual search or using thermovision)
  • patrolling gas pipelines and facilities making up the gas transmission infrastructure
  • photographic and film documentation of industrial, natural or historical buildings
  • crop spraying (agricultural operations) or heaps (neutralization of loose materials)
  • sling load cargo lifting services (normally with loads up to 1400 kg, operations with heavier loads may be planned)
  • fire rescue / prevention services (air operations using the so-called bambi)

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