Heli adrenalin

Are you an adrenaline sports lover? You are on the right site. We provide helicopter support for teams doing:

  • parachuting from helicopter and helicopter jumping 😉
  • heli boarding and heliskiing
  • mountain hiking and climbing
  • quad, snow and water scooter or motocross racings

Check your gear and jump in to helicopter! You can fly to the hottest spots for the best activities. Heli adrenalin = double ration of adrenalin.

We also encourage you to watch the rally races aboard the helicopter. A great opportunities to do this are organized in Poland WRC rally.

Parachuting is exciting even before the jump! All this because it is easy to remove doors in helicopter and you fly without them while enjoying views before you jump 😉

Heli adrenalina
Heli adrenalinaHeli adrenalinaHeli adrenalina