Heliboarding and Heliskiing

Follow the trail that will take You where few were before you..

Heli Boarding is not just for the experts. Any reasonably fit and confident skier or snowboarder can experience the thrill of skiing and riding in the wild big mountains covered with fresh snow. But experts know best what it is all about.. All slopes at your fingertips in the blink of an eye? It is possible only with help of a helicopters. Imagine skiing on a pristine and fresh snow-covered mountain without waiting in long lines or constantly weaving through inexperienced skiers. Heli-skiing provides these opportunities and so much more. By using a helicopter to access peaks that would normally be unreachable, skiers can experience fresh powder, steep descents, natural contours and smooth corn snow. Experienced skiers usually find that traditional ski resorts only offer predictable terrain in non-ideal conditions.

Probably many of you are just asking yourself, what is heliboarding or heliskiing really?

The little information posted on Polish websites does not allow, in principle, to find out what this form of extreme sports is, popular in many countries of Europe and the world (including in particular in Russia, Italy, Canada, the USA, Spain and Switzerland), and just crawling on the Polish market of services provided by entities with licenses for the provision of commercial passenger transport services with the help of aircraft and helicopters. As one of the few in Poland, we provide comprehensive services consisting of the organization of heliboarding and heliskiing.

For those who want to experience wild slopes but do not feel up to it, we offer support by ski and snowboard instructors, including multiple medalists in  different disciplines. Our helicopters are located mainly in mountainous area of southern Poland. Helicopters offer ride on top of the mountain simply to avoid queues or to watch your loved ones or friends while skiing or snowboarding. But typically heliboarding and heliskiing are exciting and adventurous antidote to typical resort skiing.

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Heliboarding and heliskiing – how do it work?

Heliboarding and Heliskiing belong to the only developing winter sport forms, recommended especially to those who love risk and extreme sports. In its classic form, it allows snowboarders and skiers to go downhill on routes that are not intended for everyday use (no ski lifts), usually difficult to access due to natural or weather conditions. The skier or snowboarder is transported by helicopter from the bottom of the slope to the starting place, usually located on the mountain peaks or in their vicinity. Equipping the helicopter with a special basket allows for easy transport of snowboard and ski equipment used during downhill rides, but if the skier expresses such a need, he can take his equipment inside the machine. Heliboarding and heliskiing services can consist of a one-time assurance of reaching the summit or other place where the descent begins, or of repeating the route several times, according to the preferences of the person ordering the service.

Heliboarding and heliskiing involves the transport of up to a dozen individuals from down-slope locations to mountain peaks in the nearby area. Skiers place their equipment in a basket on the exterior of the aircraft until they can safely disembark. Heli-skiers are accompanied by a guide who is familiar with the surrounding landscape, and has extensive experience in spotting both ideal and dangerous places to ski. Guides decide when skiers proceed down the slope and how many skiers go at a time. They are also responsible for giving specific commands in order to avoid serious dangers like crevassses, avalanche starting zones and serac falls.

Types of Conditions

There is a wide range of conditions to be encountered while heliboarding or heliskiing, from effortless to extremely difficult. It’s important to have an expert guide that can spot specific conditions that are ideal for your group. A popular time of the year is during early winter. This is when a good amount of snow falls with cold enough temperatures to keep a powder surface. Others prefer to ski on the creamier snow that results from the longer and warmer days during spring, which also means more time to ski.

Heli Boarding

Skills Required

The most important skill required for helicoarding or heliskiing is the ability to ski immediate and advanced level slopes. Novice skiers are highly advised to hone their skills in controlled resorts before adventuring on to very steep terrain encountered by heli-skiers. Skiers are expected to be quick going down the mountain in order to maximize the number of runs that can be fit into a day; this requires good strength and fitness.


Any equipment needed for a regular ski trip is also needed for heliboarding or heliskiing, including gloves, hats, goggles and neck warmers. Bringing a backpack is an absolute necessity for carrying rescue gear in case of an avalanche. As far as skis are concerned, the majority of heli-skiers use freeride, powder or all-mountain skis. These types of skis make it easier to descend more vertical feet by reducing stress on the legs. They are also easier to find in the snow when they fall off, decreasing the amount of recovery time during a fall. These wide skis also reduce the amount of injuries that occur in more dangerous skiing conditions.