Heliboarding and Heliskiing

Not only for experts and not only in the Alps, but for everyone in the Polish Beskids.

Follow a trail that will take you where few have been before..

You too can feel the thrill of riding on wild or inaccessible slopes. All the slopes at your fingertips at a glance? This is only possible with the help of helicopters. With the help of a helicopter, you will get to any slope straight from where you are! Imagine skiing in the fresh, unspoiled and snow-covered mountains without waiting in long lines or constantly encountering inexperienced skiers. Heliboarding and Heliskiing provide these opportunities with access to peaks that would normally be inaccessible or to slopes that are crowded on a daily basis. Helipoland can carry out sightseeing flights, during which you will be able to watch your relatives and friends during the snow descents.

On the occasion of organizing groups of white madness enthusiasts, Helipoland organizes sightseeing flights in Szczyrk, during which you will be able to watch your relatives and friends during the conventions. The costs of short sightseeing flights are described below (the same as for use for skiing and snowboarding), longer sightseeing flights according to the price list on the sightseeing flights page (see).

CONFIRMATION OF WEATHER CONDITIONS IS POSSIBLE 2-3 DAYS IN ADVANCE (we suggest a weather portal http://www.meteo.pl/).

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Heipoland Heliboarding Heliskiing

Helipoland provides helicopters for organized groups of snowboarders / skiers with a helicopter pilot. The payment of a one-time helicopter substitution allows for its use even for the entire operation, provided that at least three departures are made during each hour of use.

Costs of using helicopters rented from Helipoland (estimated costs – depending on the arrangements with the group using the helicopter):

Helicopter Robinson R 44:

  • maximum 3 passengers
  • 180 cm long ski rack (helicopter cargo basket)
  • the cost of delivering the helicopter to Szczyrk = EUR 450
  • the cost of substitution is spread over an organized group
  • cost of one helicopter flight to the top = EUR 150
  • cost per passenger (with a full helicopter) = EUR 50

Helicopter Airbus AS350:

  • maximum 5 passengers
  • 230 cm long ski rack (helicopter cargo basket)
  • the cost of delivering the helicopter to Szczyrk = EUR 750
  • the cost of substitution is spread over an organized group
  • cost of one helicopter flight to the top = EUR 250
  • cost per passenger (with a full helicopter) = EUR 50
Heliboarding R 44 Helipoland
Heliboarding R 44 Helipoland
Heliboarding Helipoland

Probably many of you are just asking yourself, what is heliboarding or heliskiing really?

The scant information on Polish websites does not allow you to find out what this form of extreme sports is, popular in many countries in Europe and the world (including in particular Russia, Italy, Canada, the USA, Spain, Switzerland, Albania, Romania, Georgia), and only just fledgling on the Polish market. It involves the use of helicopters to get to hard-to-reach places in order to carry out ski or snowboard runs.

For those who want to experience wild slopes, but do not feel up to their strength, we offer the support of ski and snowboard instructors, including many medalists from various disciplines. We provide detailed instructions on the safety rules related to the use of helicopters. Our helicopters are located mainly in the mountainous area of southern Poland, so by renting them from us you can quickly and relatively cheaply fly to the Beskids or the Tatra Mountains. Helipoland cooperates with many pilots in the country and abroad, who will certainly be willing to engage in the implementation of a joint adventure.

Heliboarding and heliskiing – how does it work?

Heliboarding and Heliskiing are just developing forms of winter sports, recommended especially to those who love risk and extreme sports or exciting helicopter flights. In its classic form, it allows snowboarders and skiers to make descents on routes that are not intended for everyday use (no ski lifts), usually difficult to access due to natural conditions or in places where the infrastructure is out of use or crowded. A group of skiers or snowboarders is organized with the pilot to depart by helicopter from the bottom of the slope to the starting point of the descent, most often located on mountain peaks or in their immediate vicinity. Equipping the helicopter with a special basket allows you to easily transport snowboard and ski equipment used during descents, and if the skier expresses such a need, he can take the equipment inside the machine (in an appropriate bag). The heliboarding and heliskiing services may consist either in one-time provision of reaching the top or other place where the descent begins, or in repeating the route several times, according to the preferences of an organized group.

Conditions on the slopes and flight weather

The most important are favorable weather conditions – visibility allowing for a safe flight from the foot of the mountain to the top, and favorable wind conditions (wind speed not exceeding 10 m / s).

There is a wide range of conditions to master descents in wild or unfamiliar terrains that can be encountered in heliskiing or heliboarding, from effortless to extremely difficult. It’s important to have an expert guide that can spot specific conditions that are ideal for your group. A popular time of the year is during early winter. This is when a good amount of snow falls with cold enough temperatures to keep a powder surface. Others prefer to ski on the creamier snow that results from the longer and warmer days during spring, which also means more time to ski.

Skills Required

The most important skill required for helicoarding or heliskiing is the ability to ski immediate and advanced level slopes. Novice skiers are highly advised to hone their skills in controlled resorts before adventuring on to very steep terrain encountered by heli-skiers. Skiers are expected to be quick going down the mountain in order to maximize the number of runs that can be fit into a day; this requires good strength and fitness.


Any equipment needed for a regular ski trip is also needed for heliboarding or heliskiing, including gloves, hats, goggles and neck warmers. Bringing a backpack is an absolute necessity for carrying rescue gear in case of an avalanche. As far as skis are concerned, the majority of heli-skiers use freeride, powder or all-mountain skis. These types of skis make it easier to descend more vertical feet by reducing stress on the legs. They are also easier to find in the snow when they fall off, decreasing the amount of recovery time during a fall. These wide skis also reduce the amount of injuries that occur in more dangerous skiing conditions.

..and when there is no snow .. you can organize Heli-Biking;)

Heli biking