Robinson R 66

Robinson R66 is a single-engine turbine helicopter (JET A-1 fuel), which can carry 4 passengers plus 1 pilot in a 2 + 3 cabin configuration. Each passenger will find a place for a large suitcase in the large trunk of the helicopter (the helicopter version increased range has reduced luggage space that can accommodate 2-3 medium travel suitcases). The middle seat in the rear row can be replaced with a mini bar, this seat is not designed for comfortable passenger travel with a height of over 170 cm. Known as a leader in its class in terms of performance, load capacity and a large R66 trunk make it an excellent choice for transfers and charters. It is one of the most popular turbine helicopters in the world thanks to the good price-performance ratio (the lowest cost of helicopter flight time per passenger in a turbine-powered helicopter). The spacious cockpit offers most passengers a window seat and excellent visibility in all directions. Designed and manufactured on a large scale in the United States since 2010 by the Robinson Helicopter Company, which is one of the largest helicopter manufacturers in the world.

ENGINE: Rolls Royce RR300 Turbine (224 shp)
CRUISING SPEED: 110 kt (204 km/h)
RANGE: approximately 650 km (+350 with aux fuel tank)
SEATS: 5 (including pilot)
LUGGAGE: 3 big suitcases + small items under seats
LUGGAGE WITH AUXILIARY TANK: 2-3 medium suitcases
MAX GROSS WEIGHT: 2700 lbs (1225 kg)
EMPTY WEIGHT: 1280 lbs (581 kg)
FUEL CAPACITY (278 l): 493 lbs (224 kg)
LOADING WEIGHT: 927 lbs (420 kg)
MAX PASSENGER WEIGHT: 286 lbs (130kg)