Heli adrenalin

Heli adrenaline is everything we have prepared for lovers of extreme sports and increased adrenaline. If you’re hungry for extreme and unusual experiences, check out our offer.

Recommend to the most interesting places that nature has prepared for us and do something really exciting. What have we prepared for you?

  • skydiving from a helicopter (due to the helicopter’s detachable door jumps deliver a high dose of adrenaline before leaving the helicopter deck)
  • flights for mountain trips and climbing ora mountain bike riding
  • flights for rallies on footbridges, jet skis or snowmobiles
  • watching the rally or mass events from the helicopter deck
  • heliboarding i heliskiing (show more information)

If you want to gain new extreme experiences, contact us now.

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Heli adrenalina
Heli adrenalinaHeli adrenalinaHeli adrenalina