Flight Instructor Rating (Helicopter) FI(H)

Teaching others to fly is both challenging and rewarding, and completing the course is a great achievement. It can much easier open the doors to a full time career in flying helicopters by building up hours quickly moving into varied sectors of the industry all over the world. The Flight Instructor Rating (Helicopter) FI(H) course covers all aspects of teaching theory, which includes the teaching and learning process, critique and evaluation and techniques of flight instruction, as well as the practical elements.

Once you have obtained your CPL(H), you may choose to get your instructor rating. This is also possible with PPL(H) if CPL(H) theoretical exams are passed. In both cases you must have completed minimum 250 hours of flight on helicopters of which minimum 100 hours PIC is required for CPL(H) holder and minimum 200 hours PIC for PPL(H) holder.

Helipoland.com brand new EASA FI(H) course comprises a minimum of 30 hours flight time and at least 125 hours theoretical knowledge instruction (including 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction). The course is scheduled and placed to personal demands. In period of 6 moths before FI(H) training begin a check flight is obligatory with instructor rated according to FCL.905.FI i).

Instructing is a rewarding career and can also compliment commercial charter work giving a balanced variety of flying roles. Helipoland.com is consistently recruiting new instructors to train students who are self-funding their training. Newly qualified FI’s may have their first “break” in the industry working with us, adding valuable experience to their FI(H) certificate.