Wedding in helicopter

First of all we congratulate you forthcoming nuptials! And as well we keep fingers crossed for your engagement 😉 Wedding in helicopter or unforgetable engagement is at your fingertips.

Your wedding day and engagement will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life and a crucial element of making sure the day runs smoothly and exciting is the transport arrangements.

Maybe you’re planning a traditional entrance by horse-drawn carriage, limousine or vintage Rolls Royce, but what could be more dramatic than arrival to your own wedding or engagement in helicopter ?!

We will arrange plenty of time to enable your photographer to get pictures around the helicopter prior to your departure and, if you wish, you can also arrange for more flights on arrival at your destination for your guests.

We can organise for champagne, flowers and gifts to be placed in the helicopter ready for the passengers when they arrive. If you have any special requirements just ask, as we will do our best to cater for every whim.

Imagine the look on the faces of friends and family as you appear over the horizon and land in front of them.  We allow plenty of time to capture your spectacular arrival for the video and wedding album photographs and time our flights to perfectly match your schedule.

Are you wanting to propose to your significant other and aren’t quite sure what to do? Create a lifetime memory with a helicopter engagement tour. Land on a mountain top, a secluded lake or stream to pop the question in memorable fashion.

Imagine having your wedding photographer coming with you to the top of a mountain to capture your wedding memories! is partnering with select wedding photographers to help create a unique day for you and your new partner. Make an impression with the wedding party and take them to unbelievable locations for your wedding photos.

Order a flight

All the best!The most important day of your life can not miss a helicopter? Do you want it to be really exciting? With Helipoland you can order a helicopter and enrich your engagement, wedding and reception with spectacular sky experiences that will be captured by an excellent photographer.

Engagement with helicopter

Would you like to amaze your chosen one with an exciting engagement? The helicopter engagement tour will stick in her memory forever. Our helicopter will land where you point. It can be landing on a mountain top, on the shore of a lake or on a clearing in the middle of the forest. Everything will take place according to your idea. Engagement, marriage and wedding with a helicopter can be organized anywhere in the country.

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Wedding in helicopter

There is no more reliable and exciting wedding limousine than a helicopter. With Helipoland you can rent a helicopter for yourself, your fiancee and all wedding guests. We can make champagne, cards and gifts await everyone inside. We will create an unusual atmosphere that will long remain in the memory of your and invited guests.

Why is it worth renting a helicopter in Helipoland?

We not only rent helicopters for engagement, marriage and wedding, but also cooperate with excellent photographers who will capture your charming moments forever. If you have your own idea of using a helicopter during an engagement, wedding or wedding reception, please contact us and we will certainly implement it.


We organize a helicopter flight with attention to small details, which you can arrange with our help. Contact us to enrich your big day with extraordinary experiences. To estimate the cost of a wedding or engagement flight, we need especially information on:

1. The address of the place where the flight would take place – it is necessary to provide a helicopter takeoff / landing site, which the pilot will evaluate based on the Google map pin and possibly additional photos. To land a helicopter, the permission of the site manager is needed, and in the case of cities with more than 25,000 inhabitants, the consent of the mayor or city president.

2. Number of passengers – would you like to organize sightseeing flights for guests in addition to the bride and groom? In standard flight by R44 helicopter You can come on board together with your photographer.

3. Planned date – in the summer season the flight can be confirmed well in advance, while in the other periods the planning is based on almost day to day weather forecasts. The availability of the helicopter should be reserved first, and then we are waiting for confirmation of the appropriate weather conditions.

4. Additional attractions – whether on board would be, for example, champagne with glasses and a bouquet of flowers. Cost of this attraction organized by us is 120 EUR.

The cost of the flight will depend on the distance from the current base of our nearest helicopter. The costs of a helicopter flight start from  700 EUR, it is the cost of one hour of flight. The price can be more attractive by using several hours of flight. Minimum flight time to be paid for engagement flight (from point A to A) is 30 minutes.