Helicopter type rating – TR(H)

Helipoland.com is approved by Polish CAA (EASA member) Aviation Training Organization (ATO), which allows it to educate pilots to qualify for different types of helicopters from small piston to much larger, multi-engine turbines. An up-to-date list of helicopter types and license entries can be found on the EASA website.

If you already have a tourist PPL(H) or professional CPL(H) pilot license with the type of helicopter used for the exam, such as the Robinson R 44, you may wish to switch to a larger machine that can take more passengers or perform specialized commercial functions. To start flying a different type of helicopter than before, you must undergo training for this type of helicopter. Our training courses in this field can be modified to meet the needs and procedures of specific operators.

With our help you can get the following helicopter Type Privileges – TR (H):

  • Robinson R 22, R 44
  • Robinson R 66
  • H 120 (EC 120)
  • H 125 (AS 350)
  • H 130 (EC 130)
  • Bell 407
  • AS 355 (multi-engine helicopter)
  • Bell 427 (multi-engine helicopter)
  • Mi 2 (multi-engine helicopter)

The type rating training allows you to become familiar with the new helicopter, in particular to learn about differences in mechanics, technology, operability, performance and aerodynamics. There will certainly be various emergency procedures. The cost of the teaching course on the technical aspects of a new helicopter type is included in the practical training.

The duration of the course is adapted to personal requirements and possibilities. On average, it lasts from 3 days for single-engine piston helicopters to 15 days for multi-engine turbine helicopters. Training requirements for obtaining the entry of the first type of single-engine helicopter for a license are 5 hours of flight training and 2 hours for each subsequent one. For multi-engine helicopters, 8 hours are required for the first type and 3 for each subsequent. These requirements are the minimum required under aviation law. The time needed to complete the course will depend largely on the workload and experience of the pilot. The opportunity to fly on a completely new machine is the best reward for your effort.

Our goal is very simple – ensure that you are ready for the exam and fully competent to perform flights safely on a new type of helicopter. Helipoland.com instructors will ensure that this goal is achieved correctly.