Robinson R 44

Robinson R 44 Raven I / Raven II

Robinson R44 is a single-engine piston-powered helicopter (AVGAS 100LL fuel) that can carry 3 passengers plus 1 pilot in a 2 + 2 cabin configuration. Each passenger will find a place for hand luggage under the seat. It is one of the most popular helicopters in the world thanks to the good price-performance ratio (the lowest cost of helicopter flight time per passenger). The spacious cockpit offers every passenger a window seat and excellent visibility in all directions. Designed and manufactured on a large scale in the 90s by the Robinson Helicopter Company, which is currently one of the largest helicopter manufacturers.

ENGINE: 6-cylinder Lycoming IO-540 (205 shp)
CRUISING SPEED: 100 kt (185 km/h)
RANGE: approximately 300NM (550 km)
SEATS: 4 (including pilot)
LUGGAGE: 4 small luggage (under seats)
MAX GROSS WEIGHT: 2500 lbs (1134 kg)
EMPTY WEIGHT: 1505 lbs (683 kg)
FUEL CAPACITY (176l): 179 lbs (126 kg)
LOADING WEIGHT: 716 lbs (325 kg)
MAX PASSENGER WEIGHT: 286 lbs (130 kg)

R 44 Helipoland
R 44 Helipoland
R 44 Helipoland
R 44 Helipoland

R44 Helicopters Helipoland