Helipoland.com provides comprehensive services for the establishment of new landing sites and in obtaining an entry in the helipads registry. Our customers do not have to worry about formalities and documents related to the creation of the landing spot. Depending on customer needs, we are able to take care of all the formalities starting from the identification of the place where you want to create a landing, obtain approvals from the relevant authorities, to gain entry into the helipads registry. We offer help and advice based on vast experience.

What are the requirements to get an entry in the register of landing?

Based on the art. 93 paragraph. 2 of the Aviation Law, in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy on record landings (Dz. U. of 2013, pos. 795) to make an entry in the register of landing sites must be provided:

  • consent of the holder of the property on which there is a landing with the current extract from the land register (valid 3 months) for the property which is the landing area,
  • positive opinion of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency in the field of aviation procedures established at the airstrip in accordance with the submitted Instruction Operational Landing,
  • a positive opinion of the relevant local municipality (e.g mayor, city president).

Download file – template of the application form for a positive opinion on the landing site foundation.

Our company deals with the creation of the operations manual landing in accordance with the guidelines and sorting out all formalities in the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. We prepare all the documents necessary to obtain a positive opinion of the competent local municipalities, and after completing all the above mentioned documents, we apply for entry in the register of landing at the Office of Civil Aviation.

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