Helicopter flight

Dreams associated with traveling by airplanes and observing the world from a bird’s-eye perspective have accompanied people since antiquity, when the first attempts were made to build machines to float in the air.


Helicopter flight

These dreams, still unreal at the time, are nowadays perfectly fulfilled. We give our clients the opportunity to organize a flight with one of our machines (you can read more about our helicopters on other subpages or “fleet” subpage) in any place. Depending on the machine selected, it is possible to offer a helicopter capable of taking on board – in addition to the pilot – up to seven passengers.

Why helicopter flight?

People interested in air travel can choose between helicopter flights, a propeller or turbine propeller plane, a small passenger plane, and exclusive business planes so called “private jets”. Why should you opt for a helicopter among the above-mentioned air machines? The choice of this machine allows for virtually any choice of take-off and landing place. It is only conditioned by the existence of a place in the vicinity of the planned take-off or landing that is specified in aviation law as a landing pad, subject to entry in the register kept by the Civil Aviation Office. At present, ULC has over 300 registered airstrips in its register.

By choosing a helicopter we get the opportunity to fly in an extremely fast time, which – depending on the individual request – can be even less than an hour. Having access to a wide and modern fleet of helicopters (helicopters), you can realize a VFR flight in much less favorable weather conditions than in the case of an airplane, setting out the take-off and landing site on different types of airstrips.


Comfort and safety of travel

Machines used to organize flights by helicopter (helicopter) meet stringent safety standards, which allows to minimize the risk associated with an unplanned failure. They undergo periodic technical inspections and service works, the result of which depends their admission to take-off. All our helicopters are also characterized by extremely comfortable interior conditions, which allows you to fully relax during the flight and focus on breathtaking views that can be observed along the entire route.

Who can be a helicopter passenger?

The applicable aviation regulations do not impose special requirements on helicopter passengers as to their age. Therefore, it is also possible to take minors and children on board (under the care of parents or legal guardians), which can be an unforgettable experience and an interesting form of entertainment for them. In any case, it is required that the health of helicopter passengers allows them to fly safely. In the case of a passenger’s malaise, the helicopter has the great advantage that it can always land almost anywhere.


How much can a helicopter flight cost?

Each inquiry related to the organization of a helicopter flight is priced individually depending on many factors and details indicated by the customer. The final price of the flight consists of many variables, among which the most important are such arrangements as the place of take-off and landing, length of flight and distance to travel, selected air machine. The flight can be made by participating in the costs along with the rest of the persons on board or in person with your pilot. In order to obtain an approximate price, please contact us, we will try to answer all emerging questions and prepare an individual quote. The cost of a helicopter flight starts from 2200 PLN per hour of flight with the cheapest and most popular type of R 44 helicopter.