Helicopter moving solutions, bear paws, helicopter basket and many more..

We are pleased to offer you helicopter accessories of “Helitowcart”, “Aero Design” and “Dart Aerospace company, in particular those to move various types of helicopters, adapted to the most varied ground conditions. We also offer external baskets, anti-snow placemats under the skids, so-called “Bearpaws” and more.. Visit company sites and contact us to find the best solution for your helicopter and to get it straight to your hangar.


Helicopter Wheels for Robinson R22, R44, R66 – link to presentation

We are a distributor of the world’s most reputable airline headsets company – David Clark aviation headsets.

David Clark company produces headsets for a variety of industries, including aerospace.

Beginning in 1941, David Clark Company pioneered the development of aerospace crew protective equipment and has directly supported virtually every manned high altitude/space program to date.

The decades of operational experience gained in the ensuing years includes intimate association with vehicle providers and air/ space crew and support personnel and provides a comprehensive understanding of the technical requirements for the design, development, qualification, manufacturing and support of reliable and technologically advanced crew protective equipment.

David Clark aviation headsets designers, engineers, craftsmen and support personnel are poised to leverage their unique skills to meet the challenges of providing protection to future aerospace crews.

For the best selection of the most appropriate headsets please visit the website of our direct supplier and manufacturer: