Sale of new and used helicopters, accessories, after-sales services, helipads

Helicopters are the fastest and most effective means of direct transport from point A to point B and also one of the most versatile commercial machines. We offer a comprehensive range of services related to the purchase of a helicopter, starting with the selection of a suitable machine used anywhere in the world or its configuration for factory production, through detailed inspection with technical and formal inspection and assessment, to bringing and formal and technical organization related to registration in the country and training of the flying crew. For purchased machines, we provide insurance on convenient terms and technical service at the highest level.

Our specialty is sales and technical support of the world’s most popular helicopters of Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC).

The most popular and versatile helicopters in the world are the four-seat R 44 Raven I and R 44 Raven II with reliable Lycoming piston engines and the R 66 Turbine five-seat helicopter with the latest Rolls-Royce helicopter turbine engine.

Sprzedaż śmigłowców

Sales service

  • Choosing the most suitable machine for the customer’s needs
  • Direct sale of new helicopters
  • Analysis of used helicopters market
  • Trial flights and technical inspections
  • Advice before buying
  • Price negotiations
  • Legal Aid
  • Imports with customs service and other administrative formalities


After-sales services

  • Registration at any Civil Aviation Office
  • Retraining pilots for new types of helicopters
  • Organization of flight training for new pilots
  • Technical support for helicopters, hangar
  • Delivery of spare parts, tools
  • Maintenance, repairs and modifications
  • Training of technicians and operators

Pursuant to the provisions on the registration of aviation equipment (Journal of Laws No. 31 item 178 of 22.06.63) Polish State Register of Aircraft in the Main Civil Aviation Inspectorate in Warsaw requires the following documents attached to the application in order to properly carry out the helicopter registration procedure:

  1. Proof of ownership (purchase agreement, invoice)
  2. Export Certificate of Fitness (Export Certificate of Airworthiness delivered with the helicopter by the manufacturer)
  3. Aircraft weighing protocol (original in helicopter documents)
  4. Flight test report (issued after a completed flight)
  5. Noise certificate (issued by ULC for a specific copy)
  6. Valid certificate of inspection (entry in airframe and engine books)
  7. Valid certificate of airworthiness and airworthiness review certificate (issued by the ULC inspector)
  8. Insurance policy for compulsory TPL and accident insurance resulting from air traffic
  9. Permission to use radio on-board issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (issued on the basis of a previously submitted application)
  10. Confirmation that the helicopter does not appear in any register
  11. Company Registration documents
  12. Noise certificate
  13. The POT program approved in the ULC

the fact of possessing the aviation equipment should be notified in writing to the manufacturer in order to cover a particular helicopter with a bulletin service. At the same time, we would like to inform you that after the registration, the aircraft can be used by the owner or user in accordance with the declared purpose and the clause on the registration certificate. The performance of other flights, tasks or provision of air services requires separate consent – a license – of the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy for economic activity in the field of air transport and other air services (Paragraph of 23.12.88 on economic activity – Journal of Laws No. 41 , item 324), and the air carrier’s certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Office. All formalities related to the proper conduct of the registration procedure based on the documents provided by the owner, at the request of the Buyer based on a separate agreement concluded, may be carried out by the Seller.