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We get inquiries about flights at weddings as often as inquiries about engagements on board a helicopter. Eryk and his wife Paulina shared his impressions from their own wedding.

Where did the idea to change a traditional limousine into a helicopter come from?

“Eryk has been interested in everything related to flying from an early age, and a helicopter at his own wedding was his great dream, so at the very beginning of planning the wedding we knew that we would bet on it. Besides, we like to stand out and we wanted to do it for on the most important day in our life to have something that will allow us to remember it even better. “

Was it significantly more expensive?

“Honestly? We didn’t even look for a limousine or a super cool sports car. We knew what our goal was, and since the other options were rejected, we didn’t even compare them. We only assumed that dreams are there to make them come true and if we do not do it “our way” we will remind ourselves of it for the rest of our lives and and we did not want any regrets in such once in a lifetime occasion 😉

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How was your flight experience?

“It was fantastic! Amazing experience and we recommend it to everyone. It is a great feeling to see the places we have been many times from the bird’s eye view, the streets where we have walked and with which we have some bigger or smaller memories. A helicopter is such a fast air car but it avoids all traffic jams and is much faster, and you don’t really feel the speed. “

How were the guests’ impressions?

“The guests were as delighted as we are. Only a few people knew about this idea, so the Groom arriving at the Bride’s house made an amazing impression. A lot of guests asked if we weren’t afraid to go, each time we said absolutely not, we enjoyed the moment and the truth is that we were most stressed by the oath and then, when the endorphins were already working, there was no place for stress.”

Were you afraid that something would go wrong, the weather, the time, not enough space to land?

“We were very optimistic about this idea, we were only worried about the weather, which was not entirely perfect completely, because it was raining at the very beginning, but even that did not thwart our plans. Of course, we had a spare car of the brother and the groom’s witness at the same time, which we took with the witnesses from the Bride’s house to the church (we wanted to give our neighbors a chance to build the gate). As for whether we were not afraid that there would be little space to land – then no. We had a lot of options and visions of where the helicopter could land, and we knew that one of them would definitely work out. In addition, the groom has measured everything personally to make sure that everything goes according to plan. It was amazing with what enthusiasm the Priest and the Manager of our wedding hall welcomed this proposal. Undoubtedly, their help and commitment also helped us a lot. “

How was the whole process – from charging permits to the last contact with the pilot?

“The process was very simple, everyone agreed to land the Helicopter, in fact everyone was happy that he would be landing at their place. The contact with the pilot from the very beginning was very good and systematic. “