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Helicopters vs Drones

Now that video and filmmaking drones have reached maximum popularity, one might wonder why anyone would need to use a helicopter for aerial shots. Nowadays, most filmmakers are either considering purchasing or already own a drone. It’s become a no-brainer. They’re now very affordable, and their functionality has exceeded all expectations in just a few short years. However, let’s not forget how filmmakers captured aerial shots before drones became so popular. But helicopters are not just the history of filming …

Promotion – PPL(H) on R 44

We are pleased to offer you a promotion for flight training PPL (H) on R-44 helicopter for the price of 22 thousand Euro net price. The price of the training closes the whole course of theoretical knowledge and required by regulations minimum number of hours of practical training in flight, after the successful completion of which You are entitled to undergo the state exams.